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Champions league

With the Champions league finals in three days time, Chelsea vs Man Utd will be a bitter and hard fought contest. Recent reports from Man Utd suggest that all 27 players are available for selection. However only 11 to 17 will matter in the final, and who the most  privileged are will be ascertained by Sir Alex Ferguson. I am an ardent Ma Utd fan and  am hoping for a win for my team after 9 yrs. The perfect combination of Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez and support from Ferdinand, Vidic and Hargreaves should force a win in our favour.

At the same time, i am not belittling Chelsea. It does look like they are an uncoordinated team with many a personal interests at hand. Didier Drogba is linked with a rumour to another giant club, Schevchenko hasnt got his due since he has come here, and Terry is on the verge of missing out. Yet this team remains one to be feared, just because of the dynamic duo of Ballack and Lampard.  Avram Grant must consider himself lucky to have reached the finals in his first season in charge.

So, I will meet you guys with a post match analysis after the finals.

P S: Manu 2 – Che 1


May 18, 2008 Posted by | Sports | 1 Comment