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F1 2008

The Formula 1 season is nearly halfway through, time has come to bet on the driver’s championship, and it takes no more than a quick glance at the results to note that this year has been the most competitive one in a very long time. The post Schumacher era had experienced a thrilling season finale last year which has been followed by a sensational mid season standing. Never have 3 teams including four drivers been billed as possible contenders for the divers championships.

The gap between current leader Felipe Massa and the fourth placed British sensation Lewis Hamilton is a mere 10 points. Robert Kubica in his BMW Sauber has been the surprise package this season. Considering their achievements so far, it can be safe to say that Ferrari once again look like the team to beat. They have won 5 of the 8 races, the other 3 going to Lewis Hamilton(2) and Robert Kubica(1). Heikki Kovalainen has been disappointing this season , partly due to his bad luck. He has only a singe podium finish, and his 4th place finish yesterday at Magny-Cours might be his much needed revival.

At this stage, when most teams would have chosen their numero uno, it is the toughest to predict for the Ferraris. Both the drivers are in a favorable situation to win the championship. This continuing dominance might be good news for the team championships, but is a disaster in the driver’s championship. You will only need to look back at the Mclaren duo of the last season to understand what i am referring to. For the second placed team BMW Sauber, it is clearly Robert Kubica, while for the Mclaren, it has to be Hamilton.

At the other end of the grid, Team Force India has been a failure to say the very least. Vijay Mallya must input a considerable amount of money into his R&D program for the car to be race contenders in 2010, when the Indian GP is likely to take place. His hope of being mid field runners at he end of the season is nowhere near being realized. He will have to go in for fresh blood next year. I know you will argue about the drive by Adrian Sutil in Monaco, but it was largely a race strategy combined with an extraordinary amount of luck which made them go so far.

Personally, i hope Kimi wins this year. I have my gmail id named after him(have been his fan since he came into F1 nearly 5 years ago!) and i also hope that he will cast aside his plans of retirement. Otherwise i hope Massa to win, because of his very determination to succeed after a dismal start to the season. Experts were talking of a possible Massa replacement at the end of this season. He has certainly made them to eat their words.


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The month of June is half way past and only one question can arise in the tennis world. Will Roger Federer win his sixth consecutive Wimbledon championships. If not, will it be the unstoppable master of clay, Rafael Nadal, who will finish of the job which he left undone last year. Or yet again, will it be Novak Djokovic, who will repeat his performance of Australia.

Many similarities can be drawn between Federer and Schumacher. They both are great champions in their respective fields who have demolished the opposition on their day. But after his fifth year of reign at the top, FIA officials changed rules to put an end to Schumacher’s dominance. And the reason they stated was that they wanted the audience number to escalate again.

Why did the amount of viewers decrease watching the Schumacher era, while the numbers seem to be increasing in the Federer era. This can have only one answer. Opposition. More particularly, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. One has beaten the master in Australia, which the other has tormented the master in France. And both are still young, enthusiastic and fast learners. Nadal proved this last week when he won the Artois Championships, the first Spaniard to win a grass title in a long time. Djokovic did come agonizingly close to beating Nadal that day, but just didn’t have the killer instinct to finish the match.

Both players have sent out their messages. Federer retaliated with a win in the Weber Open, without breaking serve for only the second time in his career. Will Federer’s 55th title be enough preparation to demolish his opponents, or will it be the year, that the greatest player ever, will be made to bite the dust(or should i say grass).

6th July holds an answer for us(Rain Notwithstanding!).

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Reverse Sweep

I was browsing through, when i noticed a review of the cricket match between England and New Zealand. I have been engrossed with the happenings of Euro 2008, that i had in fact forgotten to tune into the ‘boring 50 over’ cricket channel. But leaving that aside, this match would not have stirred any interest but for the fact that Kevin Pietersen hit his sixth century. To be more precise, he reverse swept two sixes on his way to his century.

The most important aspect to note about his shot, apart from it being mouth watering, is the change in grip before he plays the ball. In the normal stance, the right hand is the bottom hand. In this particular shot, he transforms his left hand into the bottom hand, after the bowler releases the ball. So, in the blink of an eye, he is a left handed batsman.

I have not read the rules of cricket, but i have heard famous commentators long enough to realize that, this is a breach of the ethical rules of the game
. How can a right handed batsman change into a left handed batsman, when it is not possible for a right arm bowler to bowl with his left arm without prior notification. Doesn’t this do great injustice to the bowlers, who, as can be clearly seen, are being dominated in recent tournaments such as T20.

I personally suggest that this shot should be prohibited from the game of cricket. Else bowlers should be given leeway to change their bowling arm or their guard without prior notification, so as to bring a sense of balance into the game. Perhaps this might make the game more interesting. 💡

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American Bad Ass

The WWE has always been a business oriented organization. It would never have come so far had it not been for Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Yokozuna, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and of course the Undertaker, for whom i am writing this whole article. So Vincent Mc Mahon does know to play his trump cards well. At least thats what i felt till now.

NO MORE UNDERTAKER. Never again will the dead man walk again. Never again will the Graveyard Symphony sound aloud. Can this be true. Has Mr. McMahon been really stupid to sign out the Phenom, or is this another of his brilliant moves to instigate interest from the viewers. Only time will tell.

If the Undertaker is no more, then there is no future left in the WWE. He is after all a house hold name. Even those who haven’t interest or have not watched WWE due to parental control know this guy. All the superstars are leaving either due to old age or for more lucrative offers. This has led to this show being run by a dozen cheap chaps for whom there is no other path. I feel that if the Undertaker is gone for good, the WWE should close down.

If this is not true, and is another of McMahon’s brilliant schemes, then the most important annual question in the entire business year of WWE will arise again. Who will end the streak at Wrestlemania.

Will it remain 16-0 or be 17-0 in April 2009. Or will a man arise to beat the legend. For all i care, the Dead Man will walk again. Long live the Phenom.

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