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The month of June is half way past and only one question can arise in the tennis world. Will Roger Federer win his sixth consecutive Wimbledon championships. If not, will it be the unstoppable master of clay, Rafael Nadal, who will finish of the job which he left undone last year. Or yet again, will it be Novak Djokovic, who will repeat his performance of Australia.

Many similarities can be drawn between Federer and Schumacher. They both are great champions in their respective fields who have demolished the opposition on their day. But after his fifth year of reign at the top, FIA officials changed rules to put an end to Schumacher’s dominance. And the reason they stated was that they wanted the audience number to escalate again.

Why did the amount of viewers decrease watching the Schumacher era, while the numbers seem to be increasing in the Federer era. This can have only one answer. Opposition. More particularly, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. One has beaten the master in Australia, which the other has tormented the master in France. And both are still young, enthusiastic and fast learners. Nadal proved this last week when he won the Artois Championships, the first Spaniard to win a grass title in a long time. Djokovic did come agonizingly close to beating Nadal that day, but just didn’t have the killer instinct to finish the match.

Both players have sent out their messages. Federer retaliated with a win in the Weber Open, without breaking serve for only the second time in his career. Will Federer’s 55th title be enough preparation to demolish his opponents, or will it be the year, that the greatest player ever, will be made to bite the dust(or should i say grass).

6th July holds an answer for us(Rain Notwithstanding!).

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