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The WWE has always been a business oriented organization. It would never have come so far had it not been for Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Yokozuna, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and of course the Undertaker, for whom i am writing this whole article. So Vincent Mc Mahon does know to play his trump cards well. At least thats what i felt till now.

NO MORE UNDERTAKER. Never again will the dead man walk again. Never again will the Graveyard Symphony sound aloud. Can this be true. Has Mr. McMahon been really stupid to sign out the Phenom, or is this another of his brilliant moves to instigate interest from the viewers. Only time will tell.

If the Undertaker is no more, then there is no future left in the WWE. He is after all a house hold name. Even those who haven’t interest or have not watched WWE due to parental control know this guy. All the superstars are leaving either due to old age or for more lucrative offers. This has led to this show being run by a dozen cheap chaps for whom there is no other path. I feel that if the Undertaker is gone for good, the WWE should close down.

If this is not true, and is another of McMahon’s brilliant schemes, then the most important annual question in the entire business year of WWE will arise again. Who will end the streak at Wrestlemania.

Will it remain 16-0 or be 17-0 in April 2009. Or will a man arise to beat the legend. For all i care, the Dead Man will walk again. Long live the Phenom.


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Hey guys,

This Sunday is going to be a humdinger for the Barclay’s Premier League. The title race is hotting up with defending champions Man Utd leading Arsenal by just 3 points. Chelsea are not far behind, trailing Arsenal by 2 points. Man Utd are going to face red hot Liverpool who have currently 7 consecutive league victories under the irresistible combination of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. But Man Utd themselves have the combo of Ronaldo and Rooney. I personally think this match is going to be evenly contested because of the current form of the players. But in the end, a Man Utd goal from either Ronaldo or Tevez might seal the victory for the Red Devils. Rafa Benitez has always been unlucky at Old Trafford and I expect him to continue to do so. Meanwhile the other match at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Arsenal is going to be a dull draw. I personally don’t think that Arsenal has the patriotism to win anymore. Ever since Thierry Henry’s departure from Emirates Stadium, they have been on the downfall, and it is time to look beyond Arsene Wenger. They can look upto Chelsea for that regard. Avram Grant has been successful in filling the huge boots of the self proclaimed ‘Great One’ Jose Mourinho. He has not only been winning matches at a constant regularity, he has also been able to make this large unit of Internationals bond together, something which has been missing for quite sometime in Arsenal. Yet as things stand, I personally feel that Arsenal will be more than a handful for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and the game is all set for a draw. So see you about BPL after this Sunday, which promises to be a thriller, with hopefully Man Utd leading Arsenal by 5 points.


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