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Federer – End of Impeialism

End of imperialism, that’s pretty sure. Can the fallen king summon his army to reconquer his lost territory? Highly impossible. Not when the elder wand has chosen a new master.

Hail Rafael Nadal, clay court specialist. Hmmm…Ok….So now grass court too. The list might be extended to the hard courts in the following years. But i will have to time to write for him. So let me get back to the fallen king.

Where is the man in the white cardigan? Where is the warrior whose arrows were poison? Where is the greatest player ever? Or is he? But if he isn’t, there will never be one.

The man closest to impersonating the Rockhamton Rocket, climbing Mount Sampras and surpassing Ice Borg is being laid to rest in 2008. He is 26, old in this world. His nemesis is 22, ripe and ready to replace him.

6 months ago, we were talking of him overtaking Sampras this year end. Now we will be talking about him passing 12 when. Surely, if he cannot win in Wimbledon, where he achieved greatness, he can win nowhere else. Only  2 titles this year, but 9 losses already. He has not amassed so many losses in the past 2 years together. And to top it all, 0-4 vs Nadal in 2008.

Move aside King Federer, its time to start betting in tennis again. Because we know for sure that the greatest time of the greatest player is gone. Will he retire with grace or will he be disgraced, the next few years will tell. But one thing i can say, 14 looks a leap year away.

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